Tamar Braxton Leaves Little To The Imagination In Video Where She Is Getting A Huge Tattoo

Tamar Braxton Leaves Little To The Imagination In Video Where She Is Getting A Huge Tattoo
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Brave Tamar Braxton has decided to make her fans very happy by sharing a daring video where she left little to the imagination as she gets a massive tattoo.

Vincent Herbert's estranged wife posted a clip where she is getting inked with a very tasteful and detailed tattoo.

The singer and reality TV star showed off lots of skin, her tiger stripes (stretch marks), as she was getting the rather impressive jagua tattoo.

Also known as henna tattoo, jagua body art is temporary and is made with an extract of the fruit Genipa americana.

Fans are happy that Tamar is living her best life with her Nigerian boyfriend. A few want her to get a tattoo.

One person told the diva: "So naughty, and I LOVE IT. it’s henna no it doesn’t hurt it’s painted on that tool is for details like on nail art. how is she doing the most by living her life? I swear y’all haters find any got damn reason to hate. Get off her page if you don’t like her. You could’ve kept this shitty ass comment to yourself."

Another commenter asked: "Is it permanent? Does it hurt I want one but I’m afraid the pain ??? I still tay tay.Miss EVERYTHANG, The filter is cute but I hope you do realize you sparkle in real life sis!"

A defender wrote: "She's living her best life..sometimes you gotta look out for you cuz if you don't know nobody else will.It may come off like she's a bit spoiled but you just gotta make your life how you want it to be ..I think she truly a good person.."

A fan asked Tamar to drop an album like Beyonce did with Lemonade where she slams Vincent and added: "This the Tamar I love. I see joy all in Tamar's eyes. That artwork is tasteful. Ok Now! Who else see those Lipo Scars. Twinkle twinkle little star I see how beautiful you really are. That should be a real tat. I need a good old man/ex-husband bashing album from you btw."

The former The Real co-host has a lot of big plans lined up for the upcoming months.

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  • Carri
    Carri Nov 5, 2018 12:44 AM PST

    She's a grown wild child and looking gawjuss as ever. I'd do it too if I were in the public spotlight. Lol, ironically my Mother and I used to do these things when I was young (body art, toe rings, anklets, etc.) Just never the actual piercings or real tats...had to maintain that glamour. BTW, I was a professional child model at 7 so I know what it means to look and feel beautiful! Makes me miss my Mother ?

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