Tamar Braxton Is Retiring From Music -- Some Fans Want To Blame Husband Vincent Herbert For This Move

Tamar Braxton Is Retiring From Music -- Some Fans Want To Blame Husband Vincent Herbert For This Move
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Tamar Braxton is retiring from the music industry. Fans of Braxton, known as Tamaritans, are freaking out over the news.

Earlier today, the mother of one took to Instagram where she told her supporters that her upcoming album called Bluebird of Happiness will be her last.

Indeed, the Braxton Family Values star has announced that while her forthcoming fifth studio album is her best work, she is done with music.

Does that mean she will stop touring? Thus far, no one knows.

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant wrote on Instagram: "THIS is my BEST & LAST album! Enjoy."

Some fans of the former co-host of The Real talk show believe that her marital issues with Vincent Herbert pushed her to quit.

Others claimed she could not compete with Beyonce on the charts.

"My Man," which is the lead single from the project, peaked at number three on the Adult R&B Songs chart, number twenty-one on the Hot R&B Songs chart, and number twenty-five on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart.

A few people said she is pretending to retire to sell albums.

One commenter wrote: "You're having a moment we will be here when you're over it! Don't drop a bomb like this to your fans. Have some compassion! We support you! My lawd. I swear. Best and last my foot. Ain't not true to this. You playin. I know you playing. Right
I wonder if it has anything to do with those rumors about her and Vince? I hope not!"

Another follower stated: "You can't handle competition? Everybody can't be Beyoncé."

A third observer shared: "This is not her last album the industry been doing this for years to boost sales this is a publicity stunt so people can go buy the album she'll be back ijs smh. Dam mane y'all don't get tired of saying the same sh#t ain't nobody in competition with Bey y'all love reaching for sh$t."

When the reality star unveiled the cover artwork for the release, she captioned it: “My BEST work to date. My new album. Bluebird of Happiness. I know I keep saying coming SOON. But I promise you I can NOT wait to share this project with you. Pre-Order and OFFICIAL release date will be revealed before you know it. Until then BUCKLE up and get ready to fly.”

She added: "This album for me is so personal and so amazing, and I get to work with Rodney Jerkins."

Will you miss Braxton's vocal cords? Why do you think she is quitting?

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  • Patricia A Phillips
    Patricia A Phillips Sep 15, 2017 2:54 PM PDT

    Tamar Braxton is forever the drama queen,I believe one comment made was that she could compete with Beyonce. I don't see how Tamar might have thought see had the career Beyonce has or that her music was all that. I agree with another comment that this a means to boost Tamar's album sales.

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