Tamar Braxton Is Probably Back With Her Husband, According To Toni

Tamar Braxton Is Probably Back With Her Husband, According To Toni
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A real sister and confidant like Toni Braxton would know what is really going in between Tamar Braxton and her spouse, Vincent Herbert.

This week, the iconic diva has been making the rounds promoting her Lifetime movie, but she is often quizzed about her personal life and the scandal that Herbert and his wife are currently embroiled in.

Sitting down with Angie Martinez, Toni said she has many reasons to believe that her sister will get back with her estranged husband if they are not already together and hiding from the media.

The mother of two said the couple is going through a phase and they have reconciled.

The singer and TV star said: “I think Tamar and Vince are just going through an ‘I hate you, Jody’ phase. Remember the movie [Baby Boy]? ‘I hate you, Jody!’ You know that’s just their phase. And I think those two are going to get back together.”

Toni was asked if it was true that the music mogul cheated on Tamar and had another woman pregnant with his child.

She doubted there is any truth to it and added: “It’s not my business to tell their business. but if I knew, I wouldn't say anything.”

Fans say Angie should have asked more about Birdman and less about her sister.

One commenter said: "Why not have Tamar on the show instead of interviewing about her...... jus talk Toni she has enough going on you don't have to speak on someone else's personal issues jus to get some cheap tea."

Another individual asked, why is Toni dating a man with all those tattoos and talking about Herbert?

The person wrote: "I know, right! Every time I see a picture of him, I want to get a large vat of extra hot water, a large bar of lye soap & a scrub brush with steel bristles. He just looks dirty no matter how he’s dressed & I’m sure his wardrobe is pricey. She may love him but her face reads “I’m doing everything I can just to tolerate this man”. I can’t even imagine going to bed with him. I would have to be smoking weed, doing a line of coco & tripping some acid."

It is evident that Toni was never going to put her sister's business on the Internet.

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