Tamar Braxton Is Happy To Be Free Of Labels, Managers, And Agents

Tamar Braxton Is Happy To Be Free Of Labels, Managers, And Agents
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Tamar Braxton had recently made her fans happy when she shared some really racy pics from one of the recent videos that she made in just two days. Her fans were impressed by her body, and they made sure to praise her in the comments section.

She wrote in the caption for her post that 'This is my special gift from me to you all!! I love you. I humbly thank you? To my ENTIRE DMV team.’

Tamar continued and wrote ‘thank you all for being your BEST work and not thinking that I’m crazy to shoot six videos in 2 days!! And also reminding me that “u can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you”!!!..Stay tuned to my Utube page Tamar Braxton and see what video I’m going to post next? p.s. Don’t forget to get your tickets for NYC and Dc it’s truly going to be a movie.?’

Needless to say, fans were emotional to read her message which you can see in the post above and read the whole caption.

She also took to Twitter to tell fans that she has never felt this free as she is feeling these days.

Here's what she said: 'I was tied down by so many labels, managers, agents, etc. this is the first time I’ve been FREE, and I owe it to my fans who have supported me through it all to at least give them a LITTLE something while they wait for what’s next.'

Someone told her 'Girl this is fantastic. We thank you much for it. I have LIIIIIIIVED by your albums, and I’m so happy to now have videos for some of my personal favorites. ??'

Another follower also praised the singer and wrote 'Thank you @TamarBraxtonHer it’s inspiring that you haven’t put a time stamp on any project ?☺️ #realfans is here for it & was here for your healing doll ❤️ I literally said while viewing your gifts. @TamarBraxtonHer is FREE now ?

We're happy to see Tamar finally seeling so good about herself, and if she's okay with being on herself like this, we're all here for it.

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