Tamar Braxton Is Grateful For The 'Quick And Real Relationships' She's Established With The Staff And Fans Of The 'Welcome To The Dungeon' Show

Tamar Braxton Is Grateful For The 'Quick And Real Relationships' She's Established With The Staff And Fans Of The 'Welcome To The Dungeon' Show

Tamar Braxton is a special guest on Kandi Burruss' show called Welcome to the Dungeon which she's been taking on tour this week. Some fans were excited at the news that Tamar will be a part of the crew, but others bashed her for this for various reasons.

Tamar received a lot of shade for not attending her niece's funeral, and she posted something that should serve as an explanation on her social media account.

People accused her of taking part in a racy show and, on the other hand, not supporting her family through such a difficult time.

Now, Tamar is showing her gratitude to the staff and fans of Kandi's show . Here's the message that she posted on her social media account.

'Thanks a ZILLION to these ladies and ALL the staff/fans of Kandi’s Dungeon Tour!! I’m beyond grateful for our quick REAL relationships we have established and the kindest words and laughs you all have shown me during the worst time Of my life💕 @kandi you could have acted a damn fool with all the breaks and low energy I’ve had but instead you and @todd167 lead your team into showing me love and compassion when I needed it the most and for that I will be forever grateful for!!' Tamar began.

She also made sure to mention the other guest stars of Kandi's show, Trina and Deelishis and Shamari: '@trinarockstarr you having my back means the world to me, you didn’t know me like that but u still took time out of your day to make sure I was laughing and rallied your team to make sure I felt supported💕 @iamsodeelishis your smiles and occasionally up in my face twerks will never be forgotten (how👅) and @shamaridevoe your kind reassurance to who we really are and wisdom will be truly treasured!! Thanks you all so much for showing up for us as these leaders/ ladies has shown up for me!!!! Tonight in San Francisco we are going to show our asses....Literally😬👌 I can feel it!! All weekend I’m turning up for LOLO#25 let’s GO!!! Get your tickets to EVERYTHING 💫✨ it’s gonna be a 🎥'

Fans were more supportive of Tamar this time and her comments section was flooded with messages similar to the following one:

'This is so touching black females helping each other through difficult times like my grandmother and her friends did back in the day. This is genuine and this is how real Bosses stand up. Lord, please continue to be with the Braxton's because this is hard to endure. Happy birthday Lolo.'

What do you think about Kandi's racy show?

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