Tamar Braxton Is Giving Up On The Divorce Because Vincent Herbert Will Fight To Save Their Marriage

Tamar Braxton Is Giving Up On The Divorce Because Vincent Herbert Will Fight To Save Their Marriage
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Do not expect Tamar Braxton to march on with the divorce process because she is aware that her spouse will not give up the romance without a fight.

According to new reports, Braxton is not that certain she wants to carry on a lengthy court battle against Vincent Herbert because in the past months he has changed his ways.

The mogul has become a more attentive husband and manager. Additionally, Braxton is aware that Herbert is a veteran music producer and businessman who is savvy with the law and she will, therefore, be fighting a losing court battle.

A source close to the mother one spoke to Hollywood Life and explained: “Tamar knows that Vince will fight the divorce as long as he needs to and that is a battle that she is not sure she wants to ultimately take on right now. Vince has not even responded to her initial court filing. One day he is the best husband and father in the world, and the next she does not want to be near him. But she knows how much he cares for their son, and ultimately, that is what’s important to her is making sure Logan has as normal of a life as possible.

Her decision to stay with Herbert after her many meltdowns have her family worried, they fear he will start abusing her again.

The family friend claimed: “Tamar Braxton's entire family is distraught that she has taken Vincent [Herbert] back again. This happened so many times already that it’s almost expected but that does not make it less devastating. Her mom is beside herself with worry about her daughter and her grandson. Toni [Braxton] is pleading with her to make a real break and put some honest to God distance between them. It’s terrifying she is back in this toxic situation.”

Fans reacted to the reconciliation very differently.

One woman stated: "Tamar and Vince have real issues played out on National TV. It’s how they handle it that we see and judge them! We have people in our family’s as well as ourselves that experience the same exact thing."

Another said she should focus on her well-being: "The Mother and sisters are concerned for her safety which means it’s more than a scam. If they choose to work it out, they need serious counseling and support. Stay away from social media!"

"Omg, I'm so sick of these celebrities tricking us for ratings and to get people talking about them and whatever project their working on at the time!!! So petty," wrote a third supporter.

Will those two stay together?

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