Tamar Braxton Is Done With Music, Plans To Work On Marital Problems With Husband Vince Herbert

Tamar Braxton Is Done With Music, Plans To Work On Marital Problems With Husband Vince Herbert
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Fans are still having a tough time wrapping their heads around the fact that Tamar Braxton has announced that she is done with music.

The reality star cited her marriage to producer Vince Herbert as the main reason for quitting the music industry.

Married for nine years, the power couple has an adorable little boy named Logan together.

Like many other high-profile lovebirds, they have had their share of heartaches and issues in the romance.

Talking to Entertainment Tonight , the flamboyant star of the WE tv reality show, Braxton Family Values , said that being an artist was straining her relationship, so she had to step back.

The former co-host of The Real talk show explained: “There are a lot of things that I want to do, and a lot of things that are in the works. There’s a lot of stuff that is going on in my relationship and me being close to this music industry, and whatever I can do to eliminate all of the stress and problems off of my relationship, I would rather do that.”

She went on to say: “My husband [music executive Vince Herbert] and I work very close together, and it’s hard, you know? Not only do we work together, but he is also my baby daddy and, you know, we have been together forever. He’s my best friend. It’s a lot of things to discuss and argue about.”

Many of fans appear to be in tears over the announcement.

One of them said: "I hope you see this @tamarbraxton because you have no idea how this hurts to see you "retire." I know and understand how real this is for you, but as someone who has waited for you to release you your second album, this is heartbreaking!! This does not feel like a retirement, but an ambush on those that want to see your new music keep on coming...but Jay-Z once "retired" so I'm gonna keep hope alive."

Another supporter claimed: "I hope this isn't your last album. You are amazing.I pray you don't give up music, that voice is heaven sent."

However, one person did come out to say that the marriage is more important than anything else.

The follower shared: "Love you @tamarbraxton! So much respect for you on your decision to put your happiness and family first. God bless you."

Will you miss Braxton's beautiful voice? Will she retire for good?

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