Tamar Braxton Is Being Set Up By David Adefeso, According To This Video -- Fans Hope She Is Ready For It

Tamar Braxton Is Being Set Up By David Adefeso, According To This Video -- Fans Hope She Is Ready For It
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While David Adefeso is a loving boyfriend to Tamar Braxton, sometimes, he enjoys trolling her a little bit.

Over the weekend, the businessman decided to whisk the singer and reality TV star on a romantic vacation for New Year's Eve.

David posted a brief video where they are strolling at LAX in California on their way to board their flights.

In the caption, David explained that Tamar is more or less stressing because she is already missing her son, Logan Herbert.

He said: "Heading to this fantastic tropical resort for the new year. My @tamarbraxton is already having baby withdrawal symptoms...7 days away from Beans😫😫🤣🤣! How are we ever going to survive this “adults-only southern Mecca” with the clear blue tropical ocean, surfing at dawn, kayaking at mid-day, and lounging by the private pool under the sunset? Hmph.....🤔"

Tamar responded by saying she is missing both her weave glue and her son: "I’m not. I left my weave glue. My tracks are coming out. 😂😂😂😂I’m ready to go and see my baby. 😩😩😩😩🤦🏽‍♀️😰☹️"

Most fans believe that the vacation is a set-up for David to propose and even have a baby.

One person said: "They sell weave glue everywhere... But I understand missing your baby💕we got one life to live, so live it, Bean knows how much you love him, but mommy has to get recharged sometimes to have a healthy and happy life, enjoy your man, every moment of it ❤️❤️."

This follower wrote: "Girl wash the weave out! Let yourself start 2020 carefree and enjoy your MAANNN. Kids are resilient and love when mommy comes home happy and refreshed. Love yall together! Mess around and have other Beans! 😜"

The backer shared: "I know you miss Beans. You deserve this trip with your amazing man. Beans probably can use the break as well.♥️♥️ I see a proposal coming from this trip.....it’s a setup!!!
It’s also amazing how much he loves Beans too. Try to enjoy it. We love you, TayTay!🙏🏽💜"

This fourth commenter sided with Tamar and said she should be with Logan for the holidays: "Listen to your instincts is telling you to go see your baby go see your baby I know you're not bringing in the New Year Without Your Baby by your side."

There is a lot of cuteness in this clan.

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