Tamar Braxton Is Annoyed By 'Diva' Husband Vince Herbert

Tamar Braxton Is Annoyed By 'Diva' Husband Vince Herbert
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Tamar Braxton is annoyed by her husband, Vince Herbert's weight loss and his diva attitude, and she is not afraid to call him out.

The singer recently sat down for an interview where she said that since Herbert dropped the pounds, his self-esteem went up, and his ego got a little bigger.

According to the flamboyant television personality, the father of one is constantly trying to be in her Snaptchat clips and Instagram videos "because he looks good now."

Braxton said her man takes things a step further when she is singing while on tour, Herbert finds a reason to join her on stage so fans can see his new slim figure and fantastic style.

The Braxton Family Values star claimed Herbert is officially the biggest diva in their relationship.

Herbert, who had accompanied Braxton to the interview, defended himself and jokingly said: "I feel good; I am healthy, don't listen to her." Fans are on team Herbert.

One of them said: "I'm so glad he lost all that weight, he was not healthy before. His baby (both of them) needs him to stick around for a while! Tamar leave him alone. Lol."

Another shared: "Vince is looking great. Good for you Vince. God bless this family."

The actress and former co-host of The Real might have another reason why she is complaining about Herbert's slimmed-down body -- she loves when her man has a bit of meat on him.

She recently said: “I like a little ‘thickems.’ I like the oohoo! I like that. I’m very happy only because he’s much healthier and I want him around forever, but, you know, I like a little meat on my man’s bones.”

Do not get is twisted, Braxton is just joking, she is proud of her spouse and is very supportive of his new healthy lifestyle.

She revealed that the music executive lost almost 100 pounds and he is down several clothing sizes after undergoing surgeries that saved his life.

The mother of one confessed: "I had to be very supportive of him; he had a couple of surgeries — not like really cosmetic surgeries, but like medical surgeries to help him to lose weight because he had medical problems due to the weight.”

She added: “He had seven blood clots and what I do want to say about that is you’ve got to be careful. You’ve got to get checked to make sure that your blood is not too thick.”

Congrats to Mr. Herbert on his accomplishment.


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  • Jeannette Collins
    Jeannette Collins Sep 18, 2017 8:10 PM PDT

    My reply is to Mrs Vince Herbert, Tamar l don't blame you for being jealous of your man, LEARN FROM YOUR LAST SONG: MY MAN. you have a Very Good Man!!!!! that any woman would want, hang own to Your Man, l have a Good Man!!!!! like Vince & l am a Very Happy & Jealous Wife. Stay Happy & In Love ???????? OH YES I'M A TRUE BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES FAN?????

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