Tamar Braxton Hints That There Is Trouble In Paradise With Boyfriend David Adefeso With This Message

Tamar Braxton Hints That There Is Trouble In Paradise With Boyfriend David Adefeso With This Message
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Not that long ago, Tamar Braxton was singing the praises of her boyfriend, David Adefeso, but it now seems that the quarantine life has taken a toll on the romance.

Tamar is not one to hold her thoughts to herself, which is why this week, she jumped on social media, where she shared a post about being a bit fed-up with the situation or predicament caused by the coronavirus lockdown.

The diva and reality TV star explained that it is not normal for a couple to spend so much time together. Not many people support Tamar on her eye-popping statement.

One person said the following: "Sounds like a personal problem. I’m doing fine with all my boyfriends..."

This defender shared: "I FELT THIS 💀 nobody understands how much my boyfriend irritating my soul 💀I love him but damn he getting on my last nerves in this house 💀."

A third commenter revealed: "Don’t married people usually do this on the regular? All the single people are sitting here like...OH REALLY?!?!? 😡"

This follower went on to say: "I can't relate I love being around my husband. Divorces courts are rubbing their hands like Birdman."

This person revealed: "I actually would enjoy it if I had someone. Perfect time to get to know the true them 💯me either I love it this is my normal life besides going to the stores and back home."

This social media user stated: "We actually couple quarantine during the day so we don’t get super tired of each other. He’s in his office all day, and I sit in my office on the couch all day.”

Not that long ago, Tamar spoke to Wendy Williams and explained that she sees marriage and a baby in her future with David.

She stated: “I would love to have a family with David, but, like, we got to put a ring on it first. I can’t have a bunch of baby daddies running around here, that isn’t cute. I already got one.”

Wendy asked if she would marry David: “If he came in the house tonight with a ring, would you say yes?”

She responded by: “I would say yes and find somebody online to do it, right now.”

Many are hoping that the couple will make it out this tough time together and eventually get married.

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