Tamar Braxton Has Fans Confused After Sharing Photos Of Her Entire Family Including Her Parents, Sisters, And Ex-Husband Vincent Herbert

Tamar Braxton Has Fans Confused After Sharing Photos Of Her Entire Family Including Her Parents, Sisters, And Ex-Husband Vincent Herbert
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Tamar Braxton took to social media where she penned a sweet message to all the wonderful men in her life including her father, Michael Conrad Braxton, her ex-husband, Vincent Herbert, and her boyfriend, David Adefeso.

In honor of Father's Day, the TV host shared photos of her entire family with a heartfelt message.

Tamar thanked David, Michael, and Vincent for being present for her and her son, Logan.

She wrote: "I am blessed beyond measure. I grew up having a girl, dad, and Having the experience of having my biological father in the house with me growing up. I never had the experience of living with another man and someone else taking the position of my dad, but my son is. That's all he knows. And I'm sure that isn't the easiest situation for a kid or a man. But God has a way of controlling situations just so you'll know that It's ALL HIM🙏🏼 I have to tell you, God has hand-picked This ( MY) tribe of men. They don't have a dysfunctional or hostile situation. Everyone jumps in for Logan and me when they need to. They don't have ANY drama. They all raise this young king as if they all gave birth to him. That takes special men."

She added: "Men who choose to be a dad and father the tribe that's before him. It's not about them. It's about being a Father‼️‼️Today I'm proud to honor my group of strong Dads with no egos, no malice, just pure Love. It's not about who's blood. It's about showing Love and providing the emotional, mental, physical, and economic support that every child needs. As men, it's hard to put your pride aside. And for ALL of the fathers who have chosen to be fathers and do that in the not so traditional situations, thank you, and I love you. To MY own dad, I love you. To Logan's dad Vince, @officialvincentherbert I love you and to Logan Bonus Dad David, @david.adefeso I love you. Thank you for being such Great Dad's to kids like me and to Beans🙏🏼✨ #Happyfathersday yaaaaassss to the POSITIVE BLACK MEN‼️ can't NOBODY do it like all of you Period? ❤️🏆"

Tamar had many fans confused by the photo she shared because her mother, Evelyn Braxton, looks so young.

One person said: "I can't tell Toni from Trina in the last pic and don't recognize the other little girl above you at all, and I'm a bit disappointed in myself, lol."

Another commenter shared: "Thank you, lol, once I mistook Ms. E for one of the kids, so that's where the majority of my confusion came from smh."

A follower claimed: "Why did I count your mom as one of the kids? 🤔 I thought they had 6, not seven kids lol. The mom must be taking the pic lol black don't crack."

This backer asked: "Toni looks so much like Trina and Tamar looks so much like Traci and Towanda looks like all of them.

Tamar is slowly moving on from the K. Michelle drama.


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