Tamar Braxton Has A New YouTube Channel - Check Out 'Quarantine & Coupled' To See Her Videos With David Adefeso

Tamar Braxton Has A New YouTube Channel - Check Out 'Quarantine & Coupled' To See Her Videos With David Adefeso
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Tamar Braxton made her fans crazy with joy when she announced that she has a new YouTube channel. Here, she said that she would film videos and go live with David Adefeso during these strange quarantine days.

Check out what she told her IG fans below.

'Come join me this THURSDAY 8 PM/PST in your Pajama Best for "Quarantine & Coupled" on my new Tamar Take's YouTube page. Tuck your babies in and let the grown folks talk for a while. #TamarTakes #TamarBraxton #zoom #coupledandquarantined,' Tamar captioned her post on IG.

A follower said: 'Girl, I’ve been streaming crazy kinda love like crazy. Check your Apple Music for artist cause all those Chicago streams are from me lol.'

Someone else posted this message: 'Yeah, cause you know some people are not taking a shower every day now! and that’s NOT CUTE.'

One other commenter said 'Well, alright now. Is it Thursday yet? Quarantine life has me forgetting what century I'm in most times.'

Here's a video that you can find on Tamar's YouTube channel:

Someone commented: 'This quarantine with your man or woman will let you really know if you can, live together. Good luck Tay and David.'

One other follower said: 'have to say this. Tamar you have changed and i love everything you have come to be. When a girl finds true love. Good man David. We are getting another beautiful side of Tamar that no one new. I love you guys.'

Someone else posted this: 'No! David No Not at All!😂😂No female and Man can not be friends it might start like that but won't end well.'

A commenter said: 'I just want more big brother - mature Tamar and not “extra” Tamar. Evolve and stop with the around the way girl attitude.'

One other follower posted: 'I loved this, it was funny.. BUT I wish more actual couples questions were asked & answered, though. Only about 3 questions were couple related, and it’s the same..questions..every..time, that you’ve answered a million times over already. #NEXT👩🏾‍⚖️ Whoever is reading these questions to you, has to get it together. DO A COUPLES TAG! 🤗 That should be the next concept & title. So next time instead of answering live, pre-record & have deeper questions.'

Other than this, and despite the global crisis in the middle of which we are, Tamar and David are living their best lives together.

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