Tamar Braxton Has A Message For The Parents Who Made It Through The School Week

Tamar Braxton Has A Message For The Parents Who Made It Through The School Week
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Tamar Braxton has been having a rough time at home since her boy Logan Herbert started online school. Tamar used to say that she's bored at home, and she's sick of the couch life, but now, since Logan began online school, she has been saying that she's sick and tired, and she wants back her boring couch life.

Check out what Tamar posted as a shoutout to all the parents who are going through the same thing.

'Shoutout to the parents who made it through the school week....it’s been a lot and the days have been LONG! #jesustakethewheel #TamarBraxton #Parents #WorkFromHome #COVID19 ‬,' Tamar captioned her post.

A follower said: 'If u pop that mouth one more time I swear,' and someone else posted this: 'I have 3 and they are killing me!!! I’m bout to set they asses out with the trash!! I can’t even deal!! Also, I have come to the realization that my 5th grader is going to repeat the 5th grade I don’t know sh*t I’m supposed to be teaching them. However, I’m confident my pre-k4 she’s smart like her mommy Chile.'

One other commenter posted: 'Lmao Tay Tay. These trolls always judging. Just smile and have a good time. Be who you are.'

A fan exclaimed: 'Omg Tamar! You made me cringe so much,' and someone else wrote: 'The smack tally I don't care how she acts as a fellow baby of the family, I FREAKING LOVE HER.'

Someone else said: 'Omg she is making those fruit snacks sound good with all that smacking and popping let me head to my kitchen and see if I got some.'

One of Tamar's fans said: '@tamarbraxton that tongue pop. You and my sister. I love it....what are you drinking on? I hope you and the family are good. Keep it popping!!'

In other news, Tamar's BF, David Adefeso has been  offering precious financial advice  on his social media account for his followers during these tough economic times we are living in.

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