Tamar Braxton Has A Great Solution To One Of Her Fans' Problems

Tamar Braxton Has A Great Solution To One Of Her Fans' Problems
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Tamar Braxton is featured in a show which has 'hair' as the main theme and now she has a message for her fans and followers. Check out her message and suggestion below.

'Tell me what was the first time you did a big chop and why?? STRESS, BREAKUP, FINDING YOURSELF, HEALING, STARTING OVER or.....? I want to know. Just know I been through it all. I would love to know why most of my followers cut their hair? If anyone needs help growing it back try my product “OMG YOU GROW GIRL LINK IN BIO!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Every level of life requires GROWTH!!!' Tamar posted.

She continued and said: 'I love you all and pray for you! No matter how you lost your hair, you have my full support!'

A follower wrote this: 'It was April 9, 2014. Long story short, I ended up putting a relaxer on color (instead of waiting to go to the salon and allowing my stylist to treat/style my hair/color) my hair popped/came out in the comb. I grabbed some scissors and cut all of my hair off! Cried. I mean boo-hooed! It was ugly! So I went to the salon for shaping, started rocking the wash/go. I’ve been natural every since! BEST DECISION EVER!'

Someone else responded: 'I did the big chop later year cause I wanted to start over and regain confidence in myself.'

Another commenter said: 'The first time was to start over with healthy hair, the second time mental breakdown, i took off my wig and began cutting each braid and was happy about it.'

Someone else posted: 'Breaking free of suffering an identity disorder. Started over and I have natural long hair.'

One other follower said: 'I cut my hair 2 weeks ago and I did it because I wanted something completely different and new. More of like a new chapter in my life.'

In other news, the other day, Tamar was showing fans what’s wrong with America.

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