Tamar Braxton Gushes Over Her 'Twin' Snoop Dogg After He Gets A Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Tamar Braxton Gushes Over Her 'Twin' Snoop Dogg After He Gets A Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame
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Tamar Braxton celebrates on social media the rapper whom she calls her 'twin brother' Snoop Dogg after he got his own star on Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Here's the message that she shared on social media.

'So happy for my brother twin @snoopdogg & @bosslady_ent look at GOD!!! #hollywoodwalkoffame?? congratulations ??? love y’all ? I know u are literally on a High???????' Tamar captioned her post.

While a lot of followers congratulated Snoop for this great achievement, there were also lots of fans who weren't able to get over what Tamar did just recently at a performance that she has together with Snoop - Redemption of a Dogg.

Tamar Braxton caused a fuss behind the scenes.

The initial sign that something was wrong was that during the break of the show,   Tamar went MIA .

Daily Mail reported that Tamar refused to return for her second act performance in the play for the most childish reason.

They wrote that Tamar ‘ditched her cast and ‘stormed out’ at intermission after she did not get her food delivery, a source revealed.’

'Congratulations Snoop Dogg you oh so deserve it Boss Dogg???' someone congratulated the rapper.

An angry person had the following harsh words: 'dear Snoop, I'm not calling Tamar reta***d, but she is half reta***d for her to do your show and not show up on time just because she wanted some french fries I think that she should have eaten before she got to the show so that she wouldn't make you or your people look bad... I would not continue to work with a half reta***d woman.'

Another commenter slammed Tamar as well: '@tamarbraxton why do you act out everywhere you go and put on a show and be such the biggest drama queen... Do you think that people are going to continue to want to work with you when you act like a complete ass?'

Anyway, congratulations are indeed in order for Snoop Dogg!

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