Tamar Braxton Goes On Epic Rant About Vincent Herbert In Video -- Confirms Divorce And Leaves Door Open For Reconciliation

Tamar Braxton Goes On Epic Rant About Vincent Herbert In Video -- Confirms Divorce And Leaves Door Open For Reconciliation

Over the summer, Tamar Braxton surprised the world by announcing that she is filing for divorce from her husband of nine years, Vincent Herbert.

After the news broke, Mr. Herbert, a successful music producer, went into hiding and so did the star of the hit TV show Braxton Family Values .

No one truly understood what caused the separation that is until several family members decided to open up to the media.

Two of the Braxton sisters -- Tracy and Towanda -- spoke to TMZ and revealed that they were delighted that the talented diva had decided to remove herself from the toxic relationship.

The singer's mother, Evelyn, conducted multiple interviews where she gave many disturbing details about the ins and outs of the former couple's marital life.

The grandmother and reality TV star revealed that the music executive physically and emotionally abused her child for many years.

Evelyn shared a particularly heartbreaking story about Herbert allegedly dragging Braxton into their kitchen to hit her.

The worried mom also revealed that she had to lock herself in a bedroom with the couple's 4-year-old son, Logan.

According to Evelyn, she feared that Herbert would kill his wife one day.

She said: "I rushed back to the room because the little child was in bed with me. I was very much afraid for the baby. I had to put a chair behind the door. I barricaded myself in the room and held that baby all night long. That is no way, no way, for anyone to live."

Everyone was confident that the split was permanent. However, once more, Braxton and Herbert have decided to surprise their fans.

Thursday night, the hitmaker was spotted laughing and smiling with his wife backstage during the Great Xscape tour.

The pictures of the estranged couple looking lovey-dovey have many scratching their heads.

Some fans believed they have reconciled and people should respect their decision.

Others say they were faking the divorce to get ratings on their reality show, Tamar & Vince . When it comes to celebrity romance, it is hard to tell the fake from the real.

Friday night, Braxton went on an epic rant in Clevland about the divorce and said that she needed to shake her husband and help him appreciate her worth better.

It looks like she did not close the door on a potential reconciliation.


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  • LB
    LB Dec 29, 2017 4:20 PM PST

    She's getting on my nerves. she makes a big issue out of everything he says and then try to put it on him like he's the problem. she the problem she wasn't relevant until Vince nobody knew who she was until Vince gave her that platform now her head so big she thinks she the s*** and she don't need him no more . She used to be my girl but the more Fame the worst she comes off as a b**** Miss piggy.

  • Donna Williams
    Donna Williams Dec 23, 2017 3:30 PM PST

    If they going to divorce then do it ,if not then shut the hell up. I mean people get tired of this off on crap if you love them you love them if you don't you don't sometimes people love each other but you just can't live together, then move on dang. And if you do stop bashing each other I mean you love them at one point so evidently you love them enough to stay with him to stop trashing it he's not trashing you and I thank the family should stay out of it.

  • JP
    JP Dec 23, 2017 3:29 PM PST

    She irks me...they still fake divorcing for ratings...I hope the few fans she has will stop supporting her once they find out it was all a ploy. #pathetic

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