Tamar Braxton Gets Honest About Her Fears As A Single Mom In Sweet Message To Son Logan Herbert And BF David Adefeso

Tamar Braxton Gets Honest About Her Fears As A Single Mom In Sweet Message To Son Logan Herbert And BF David Adefeso
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Tamar Braxton is one proud mom, and she is happy to talk about her son, Logan Herbert, with her millions of followers.

The diva and TV host, who is dating businessman David Adefeso, recently took to social media where she posted a sweet message about Logan.

Tamar explained that Logan made her romance with David even easier by approving it and getting along with him.

The talented singer confessed that Logan and David have a lot of love for each other and they get along well.

Tamar confessed: "The fact that you are dancing like “drunk uncle witty” at the family bbq makes me love u even more. This is such a beautiful video. It says so much about how my beans approve of my David. That’s the worst fear of a single mother. We want our kids to live who we love. Most kids have to warm up, or the parent has to force it. Not in our case. Just like I, at hello, felt the love and the magic. You two have found it as well. Praise God🙏🏼 just to know that you and he love each other naturally let us now that this is right where we all need to be #Godsplan🥰."

Fans are happy for the little blended family.

One person said: "One thing I cherished about our Tamar is her endless gratitude for her man. She doesn’t hide her feelings, love, and Tamar is very outstandingly outspoken. May God continue to bless your union... you are getting somewhere. I love all of you too💕💕💕. True love."

This follower revealed: "This makes my heart melt cutesy kid ever 🥰David is just like you Tamar... you just found a carbon copy of yourself girlfriend he's brings out the best in you.💟😍🔥🔥🎤🎶🎶💍💐💎👍"

Another backer stated: "Got a great king Ta!! You do. You’re a queen and deserve the best. The child enjoys Africa. That is your home. Your Ancestors are rejoicing enjoy the magic of Naija!! I love her, and I’m a little girl from Paw Paw WVa. My people saw to it that I would go twice and lived in Ibadan. She’s special our home remember that glad for your bean to be able to enjoy home ASEOOOO!"

Tamar is living her best life with her man.

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