Tamar Braxton Gets Honest About Going Too Far For The Sake Of Beauty With New Photo

Tamar Braxton Gets Honest About Going Too Far For The Sake Of Beauty With New Photo
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Tamar Braxton has recently found herself in an awkward spot, as a botched eyelash extension job left her looking a bit ridiculous, drawing many comments from her fans.

However, of course, it would not be Tamar if she did not try to twist the situation into a more humorous one, as she was quick to get on top of things on social media, and started talking about what she had gone through.

In one post, she warned other women to pick their "lash girl” wisely, showing a sneak peek at how bad things have gotten.

Many of Tamar’s fans rushed to her support, and most were ready to offer her some words of consolation, while others were able to see through the moment and took it in as a more humorous one.

It looks like the singer preferred the second type of response as well, as she was pretty relaxed about the whole thing, despite making it seem like she was heavily complaining at first.

David Adefeso’s girlfriend seems to be on a bad streak with her looks, as this is not the first time she has found herself in a similar situation in recent months.

The reality TV star does seem to be suffering from some problems on that front -- she recently spoke how a bad hair day ruined her weekend. Fans are saying hopefully it does not turn out that she is jinxed for too long.

It would undoubtedly be a disappointment for many of her supporters to see her going through even more problems with her appearance after struggling through these issues already.

Tamar wrote: "Ladies pick ya lash girl wisely!! They don’t have NO love for you if u walking around like this!!😫😂😂😂😂😩🙏🏼 #sorrytomylashes"

The good news is that a few days later, she did post a video showing off perfect hair and eyelash.

One person said: “That’s why I hate that my girl moved. Finding a good replacement is hard. Every girl I’ve tried had me looking like Tamar too!! It’s a struggle trusting new ppl!!”

Another commenter shared: “Right!!! Once mine started falling out and looking like parenthesis, I said that’s the last time lol.”

This backer wrote: “That’s why I don’t fool with that mess. I put individuals on one time, and that sh*t had me looking like a bald eyed Ally cat. Never again...” I use what God gave me for $100, Alex, thanks”.

Tamar has a great sense of humor.

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