Tamar Braxton Flaunts Jaw-dropping Tattoos That Look Like Lace Suspenders In Vacations Pictures With New Boyfriend

Tamar Braxton Flaunts Jaw-dropping Tattoos That Look Like Lace Suspenders In Vacations Pictures With New Boyfriend
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Baddie Tamar Braxton shared some sizzling bikini photos while on vacation in Nigeria with her new boyfriend.

Toni Braxton's sexy sister posed in a black bathing suit while standing near an infinity pool.

Tamar's killer natural body is mesmerizing, but fans are in shock after seeing her massive yet gorgeous thigh tattoos that look like show-stopping/jaw-dropping lace suspenders.

Vincent Herbert's soon-to-be ex-wife used the captions to say she is living her best life.

One supporter showered Tamar with sweet compliments saying: "Girl, are those tattoos?? Lawd that is HOT!!!!!! Oh dang, I'm late this whole time I thought that was a temporary tattoo cuz.I'm am absolutely feeling these pics!! And that ladies and gentlemen are what a real ? looks like!! Tamar, you have transformed into a successful, beautiful black female role model!! Keep it up, pretty lady!!"

Another follower called her out for referring to Nigeria as Wakanda.

The person said: "Who is this new @tamarbraxton? How long is she gon stay? I hope a long time. So happy to see you happy. Ummm what’s your secret to this banging body Tay Tay. That Wakanda man got u wide open lol push tf through boo. Tamar, you need to be in movies the big screen skip tv slaying. Then why not call the country by its real name? Black Panther is a great comic, but I'm not that cool if it takes away our identity. I'm just saying."

This commenter shared: "Damn, I'm late never knew she had the tattoos. You really look healthy and happy Tamar. Is that the Miami beach swimsuit?? I've been eyeing that one.... you look great!! I'm sorry for your family's loss... I'm praying for your sister. ?"

A fourth fan claimed: "I LOVE that tat! It looks really great on you! I thought the tattoos were henna, are they permanent?. I'm a Tamar fan, and as I follow her, I noticed its not the 1st time or even the 5th that she referred to her Nigerian man country as Wakanda. People like me simply believe that it is ok to correct someone you like when you see them do wrong especially if it's not on purpose. As American, maybe you do not quite understand how deep it is for African natives to not be reaped of our true culture. But u believe you should be able to understand that, as white people continuously try to take away back culture or label it as something else, something it's not."

Tamar seems ready to have a lot of fun.

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