Tamar Braxton Flaunts Her Edges With Her Hair Growing Back Nicely But Some Say The Pictures Are Fake

Tamar Braxton Flaunts Her Edges With Her Hair Growing Back Nicely But Some Say The Pictures Are Fake
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Let Tamar Braxton live her best life. The diva recently took to social media where she shared a few pictures that revealed her head is no longer bald.

Tamar's hair is growing back; she had pretty waves, and she was pleased to show off her edges. The diva revealed in the past that she was happy that her edges grew back after losing them because of her love of wigs.

Many fans are thrilled for Vincent Herbert's wife, but some haters claim that she Photoshopped her edges or sprayed fake hair on.

One person told the singer: "Yessssss this hair is giving me life. You should try a color like a light brown I love you @tamarbraxton you have been such an inspiration in my life. I can write a paragraph and a half. About how your strength is giving me the strength I've been thru so much I've cut my hair to start over and rebuild me and my self-love. for hiding behind weaves never showed me the true beauty that is inside of me. I thank you from the bottom and top of my heart. -sincerely a girl who is finding herself by looking at you. Thank you"

A congratulatory message read: "Ugh. This is your best look yet. I love this no wig look. Girl, you can rock anything. I love the shortcut but you know what I think would be hella dope on you, Red Hair yassss!"

Another commenter stated: "Won't he do it ❤️ keep those weave out and you will never have to worry about your edges? Pretty Tay Tay! I realllyyyyyyy hope u rethink some things and get back with your sisters from The Real. I know u have other real sisters already. But man, I miss seeing u on there. I feel ur pain, Tamar!! I think u and I are so similar. Ppl been holding u back, and u the most talented one. I'm so sorry sis. But I hope u know, God's timing is always spot on! God bless my sister in Christ."

A naysayer added: "It looks like Topix sprayed edges to me. Girl, you aren't foolin' nobody LOL or Definitely photoshopped ??."

Tamar recently found herself in a fight with a fan who mocked her hairstyle by saying: “B—- THEM TACKY ASS WIGS ALWAYS BEEN ‘FOR YOU’ NOW YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THEM? LMAOOO DONT PLAY YOURSELF! ??? STOP TRYING TO PUT ON LIKE You SO DAMN SECURE!??????.”

Tamar clapped back with: “@shantellnicole414 aww sweets. That made me feel so bad for you. May God grant you the peace And Joy he’s given me. I can feel that’s where that hateful comment came from.? I’m sorry u don’t love you. God loves you, and so do I!!❤️.”

Tamar is genuinely one of a kind.

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