Tamar Braxton Flaunts Her Assets In Old Hollywood Style Photos While Vince Herbert Is Allegedly Hiding His From Sony Music

Tamar Braxton Flaunts Her Assets In Old Hollywood Style Photos While Vince Herbert Is Allegedly Hiding His From Sony Music
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Diva Tamar Braxton seems to be on a mission to break the Internet with a series of sexy photos where she decided to wear nothing but a towel and a pair of linear drop earrings.

Supporters are loving the pictures and are telling David Adefeso's girlfriend she looks divine.

One fan said this to Braxton: "She looks like the one and only Tamar to me. This could be a campaign for checking the girls!! No shade at all!!!"

This person revealed: "Giving old Hollywood glam realness. She’s looking like Toni in this picture! She’s always been beautiful."

Another commenter shared: "The best she’s EVER LOOKED... she’s still giving me old Hollywood vibe. She looks like @tonibraxton thank god she’s growing her hair back. Before she was looking odd.🤦🏽‍♂️😂🤣😂😂And that dude she’s with looks like he makes her happy. This is a good look and hair color for her. Her hair is growing lovely."

While Braxton is showing off her assets, ex-husband Vincent Herbert is hiding his -- his millions that is.

Sony Music is currently involved in a lawsuit against Herbert, and the company has recently made some allegations against the record executive, claiming that he was concealing assets from them and refusing to pay what was rightfully owned, even though he had continued to live a high-style luxury life in the meantime.

According to the company, Herbert must pay around $4 million at this point, and he is misrepresenting his situation by claiming not to have the money.

Sony's recent court statements have alleged that Herbert has done nothing to satisfy their requirements in the ongoing proceedings, and have accused him of evading enforcement through the use of shell transactions.

According to the company, Herbert has an extensive list of corporate shell entities that he uses to fund his lifestyle, all while pretending not to have any money in the eyes of the public.

Herbert has not responded to the accusations, though this could be on his lawyer's recommendation. It is not clear how the matter is going to proceed at this point, as it looks like both sides are at an impasse.

It is not very likely that a company like Sony Music would be willing to budge on something like this though, so the public is probably going to see some interesting developments in the coming weeks/months if Herbert continues to refuse to comply with their demands.

The case has drawn mixed responses from the public, with some accusing Herbert of acting inappropriately, while others have been more defensive of him.

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