Tamar Braxton Flaunts 20-Pound Weight Loss In New Video With Tiny Harris

Tamar Braxton Flaunts 20-Pound Weight Loss In New Video With Tiny Harris
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OMG! Tamar Braxton, who took a brief break from social media, is back, and she is showing off her 20-pound weight loss.

Vincent Herbert's estranged wife shared a video where she is partying with her BFF, Tiny Harris, as Xscape received the ASCAP Golden Note Award in California.

Tamar looked gorgeous in a little black dress that she paired with diamond earrings and bracelet.

In the videos that surfaced online, Tamar and Tiny could be seen dancing and having fun as the music played in the background.

The divas made peace last summer after a bitter feud that involved Toya Wright.

Tamar apologized in a note and asked Tiny to rekindle their friendship.

Tiny responded by: “I mean, I’m always going to consider Tamar, a good friend of mine. She’s like family… I can’t stop my mom from doing crazy things, but she didn’t mean to be like, too, ‘Oh, Tamar, you’re nothing,’ because we love Tamar. She loves Tamar, but she was just saying because we haven’t been speaking so, you know, that’s all.”

Fans are loving Tamar's new figure, and they want some helpful tips to shed the pounds.

One follower said: "You look good ma. How did you do it cause online you are always eating...& something fried at that you and James frying up food What you bite it and throw it away? Curious jealous need tips help a sister out."

Another commenter stated: "You'd be stunning no matter what. It's in your gene pool. Blessings not only today but always. For some reason, it’s tough for smaller women to lose weight. Idk where 20lbs come from for you to lose but you always look amazing. Meanwhile, I had my daughter six months ago and still can’t lose these last 5lbs. (Mind you I haven’t worked out but still go ahead and fall off like the rest of the weight did)."

A third person shared: "U look amazing. Girl gives me some tips, please. I need to lose some weight. Beat to the gaawwwddsssss that he done gone and left me diet... but no fr I saw a videos where she cooked and no one showed up but she was talking about who favorites she was cooking and Logan favorite rice but she wasn’t eating, and I knew then she was going to resurface snatch... she looks great!!! I hope her attitude and the new man follows suit if he’s her man because you know the media spread lies."

Tamar and Tiny looked happy when they are together -- their estranged husbands must be asking themselves, did they make the right moves by being unfaithful?

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  • Sherryl
    Sherryl Jul 10, 2018 12:55 PM PDT

    I always thought their was something strange about Herbert Tamar's husband I never knew what it was you can tell when a couple is going through something well I always say once a cheater always a cheater I don't know why people think they've to stay with a cheater when there's so many men who would treat them right !

  • Yvonne B.
    Yvonne B. Jun 22, 2018 5:29 AM PDT

    Tamar, you are a pretty young lady always keep your head up. Remember you never have to argue, fuss and with your haters. Why bcause you are first pretty, you have talent, you can really get almost any man. (But, I would really love you to be with your husband, Bcause you both are pk' s and you both vows. But, I love you both no matter what you do.

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