Tamar Braxton Films Herself In Bed, Wearing Only Lingerie And Fans Are Happy To See Her Shining

Tamar Braxton Films Herself In Bed, Wearing Only Lingerie And Fans Are Happy To See Her Shining
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Tamar Braxton filmed herself while in bed, wearing only racy lingerie and fans could not be happier to see her in such high spirits. Check out the video that she shared on her live stories.

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Someone said: 'LOL I thought she had a brace around her neck,' and another follower posted this message: 'So where are you that you’re wearing that.....but need a mask ?'

A follower said: 'she has always been bad, y'all just hate too much,' and a commenter posted this message: 'Ms Braxton if you don’t put your slip on and go to church 😩.'

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One follower said: 'Y’all saying she is glowing ... Issa filter but alright,' and someone else posted this: 'David will set that wig on fire you know Africans don’t play!! 😂😂'

A person noted that 'She'll be crying for her "privacy " and how much the world is too much for her by noon. ✌🏾'

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Someone else posted this: 'She refuses to take a break from social media and trying very hard to make people think she is happy. Sis, you just tried killing yourself and went thru a bad break up... leave and come back whole.'

A fan defended Tamar and said: 'I better not see any mean comments in here. leave her alone she looks beautiful,' and someone else posted this: 'All this surgery is starting to make everybody look the same.'

A follower praised her and said: 'Tamar is really an unbothered queen.'

In other recent news, Tamar Braxton shared a message in which she is praising  Kamala Harris . She made a lot of fans emotional with what she had to say.

‘I swear just like all of us, I’ve felt so tense, so much anxiety and everything that was wrong in my life was magnified. I thought to myself, just last night how that one speech from our new president Biden, left me feeling coddled, relaxed, like I’ve had a few glasses of wine and God texted me personally to say hey T!’ Tamar began her post.


Check out her complete message. 

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  • Mary Adams
    Mary Adams Nov 17, 2020 7:55 AM PST

    Leave tamar alone she had issues like everyone else do but people she is human people cry out for help different ways. Maybe she felt she had no other choice but to end it all. People wake up mental illness is real some people don't survive but I pry she is getting help she is to tanlentanted to end her life god got you tamar and I love you stay strong.

  • Deyzz
    Deyzz Nov 9, 2020 2:25 AM PST

    Really Tamar?! I'd rather see her meditating in bed or by the sea. It is not about how pretty you look. She was looking good before she attempted to end her life. We are more concerned of what is going on in the inside. Praising how good she looks is so superficial. I hope she's getting the help she needs.

    • Deyzz
      Deyzz Nov 17, 2020 5:01 PM PST

      Tamar needs help. By you thinking you are sympathizing with her, you are enabling her. She needs people to get her help, not patting her hand. I see no progress, just same ole Tamar Mental illness is real. Tell her that- friend!

  • Mela
    Mela Nov 8, 2020 8:05 PM PST

    So who is she FORNICATING with now?!?! We know she THIRSTY!!!

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