Tamar Braxton Fights People's Negativity By Praising A Cosmetics Mogul Who Just Made $1 Million In 90 Minutes

Tamar Braxton Fights People's Negativity By Praising A Cosmetics Mogul Who Just Made $1 Million In 90 Minutes
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Tamar Braxton has some praising words for a cosmetics mogul who just made a load of cash in less than two hours.

She said that she wants to fight all the negativity that has been surrounding her at least online with this great news for all the women out there. Here's her post that she shared on Instagram with her followers:

'THIS should be the topic of ALL blogs!!!! ... but y’all wanna be about all that negativity mess that’s not making ANYONE of us better beings for ourselves Or for each other!! Congratulations @supa_cent I’m Very proud and inspired to do all I can do to do what is necessary to be respected!!! WOW!!! What a blessing and honor to be a Woman??' Tamar captioned her post.

It seems that her plan worked out because everyone was thrilled to see the news and fans congratulated Tamar for sharing it and supporting her women fellows.

Someone said 'This is more of the reality of when hard work meets its reward!! No one gets to their dream without doing the work! Congrats lady! @novafungiu.'

Another follower posted 'This story is surely blog worthy! @supa_cent may His blessing overtake you. Congratulations! And @tamarbraxton, you’re 100% right on this.'

Someone else wrote 'For everyone that’s saying that @tamarbraxton needs to tag the blogger. Reading is fundamental @lisaalamode name is clear as day on this post right where it should be as the author of the article, Please congratulate this beautiful black woman @supa_cent & keep the positive vibes going There indeed was no shade on this post.., The shine was placed on both women.'

One supporter also gushed over Tamar's post: 'I'm soooooo loving seeing all the Sista Sista love on my timeline lately. If we don't support our girls, who will!!!!'

A commenter told Tamar that she's great because she supports other women as well:

'I love that you support and empower other women who are making moves. And you’re right this is the chatter we should have daily.'

Tamar recently gushed over Kim Porter as well, and she shared a photo with her in Kim's memory. Fans like her gesture back then as well.

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