Tamar Braxton Explains A Scene From Her Latest Video For 'Pieces' To Her Fans

Tamar Braxton Explains A Scene From Her Latest Video For 'Pieces' To Her Fans
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Tamar Braxton has recently invited her fans to check out her YouTube page in order to enjoy the ‘Pieces’ new video. This is an older song of hers which just got a brand new video.

Her followers are gushing over her music , and they praised their favorite singer in the comments section.

‘Go to my YouTube page NOW!! #piecesvideo grab your tickets NOW at Ticketmaster.com?’ Tamar captioned her post on Instagram.

Now Tamar took to Instagram to explain a scene from the Pieces video to her followers. Here is her post:

'That crown is upside down because I am NOT his queen!! If I was, then he would APPRECIATE me and give me ALL of him #howboutthat #pieces @youtube' Tamar captioned a photo from the music video.

'I deserve more than just a lil part; I don't want anything If I can't have it all, I ain't even tryna wait for something I can't keep. I want the whole thing so forget about me,' someone posted in the comments section.

A lot of fans made sure to tell Tamar that they have been waiting for a video for this song since forever and they are extremely happy that she decided to make one.

Someone posted 'Finallyyyyyyyy❤️ we've been waiting and praying for this.'

'I’m so glad u made a video to this song Tay Tay this is my favorite one off the album especially when u be hitting them high notes,' another commenter said.

Have you seen her new video? Check it out above if you still haven't seen it.

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  • AA
    AA Dec 2, 2018 9:49 AM PST

    The music is good but her acting gets a D minus. She's not a natural. Seems to be over doing it.

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