Tamar Braxton Drops A Holiday Message About Bling And Cars

Tamar Braxton Drops A Holiday Message About Bling And Cars
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Tamar Braxton hopped on Twitter to address some material things related issues. Check out the message that she wrote about having no Santa this year.

Someone said: 'I find it very distasteful how people are carrying on posting things we all know they can afford while the world is dealing with the worse time we've seen in our lifetime. What exactly is the point? I wouldn't even if I could.'

A commenter posted this: 'Meanwhile some of these “Celebs” flaunting their wealth during a pandemic while families are struggling for the first time ever and waiting in food bank lines for meals.'

A follower said: 'Ladies don’t be this kind of bitter this season. You are the gift is. You are alive and well! Celebrate in that.'

Tamar also said the following after social media commented on her post:

A follower said: 'It does matter what I think, but I adore you and see you trying to be a better you I am no one important, but I support you, queen, because Queen's stick together like honey on biscuits.'

Someone else posted this: 'Early Merry Xmas! I’ve been listening to Braxton Family Christmas album. Here’s a neat website Logan can follow Santa on while he flies around the world https://www.noradsanta.org/en/.'

A commenter said: 'That stuff never meant anything to Tamar anyways if you a true fan you would know her first coco Chanel purse she worked hard for and bought and was her treasure she gave away to make a young lady feel good!!'


Not too long ago, the star opened up some more about her suicide attempt that she thankfully survived back in July.

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