Tamar Braxton Discusses Raising Her Son, Amidst Vincent Herbert Divorce & Counseling Drama

Tamar Braxton Discusses Raising Her Son, Amidst Vincent Herbert Divorce & Counseling Drama
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Besides discussing her divorce from Vincent Herbert and all the reasons that led to this, she obviously has more on her mind. She is struggling to raise her son Logan the best possible way.

She wants Logan to grow up a strong, intelligent young man despite the collapse of her marriage with his dad.

Tamar is the latest subject of TV ONE's Uncensored and the episode that features her will air tomorrow, on February 25, so make sure to stay tuned!

In a teaser video, Tamar opens up about the strong bond that she has with her adorable son, and in the confessional, we can see her telling the camera the following:

'I realize that my responsibility is not just to be his mother. It is to be his mother who is raising the most amazing black man that I can have control over.'

Tamar continued saying that she is 'making sure that his education is essential and that he’s morally responsible and that he’s sure of himself. Sure that he is able to do anything he wants to do, but he definitely knows the struggles of a black man in America.'

Afte that, she continued saying that a lot of people do not want to talk about it and for her is also hard to discuss the subject. She said that she wants her son to be aware and ready and this is her responsibility.

She also stated that her son is a Vince mini-version, but his personality comes from her.

'He looks just like his father, but he acts just like my mother and me. He’s very outspoken, very sure, hilarious. He’s the greatest.' Make sure to check out Tamar's episode tomorrow.

Tamar and Vince talked about their relationship on The View , and they told their fans that they are undergoing therapy to try and work things out for the sake of their son.


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