Tamar Braxton Could Not Be Happier Thanks To Her New Show - Check Out Her Emotional Message

Tamar Braxton Could Not Be Happier Thanks To Her New Show - Check Out Her Emotional Message
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Tamar Braxton is a part of a new exciting hair-related show called 'To Catch A Beautician' that her fans will definitely love. She wanted to explain to people why it's so important to her and the reasons for which this is not just another show.

'I know y’all think that this is just another show for me....but it’s not. It has been a LONG, HARD road for me to return to television the way that I see it. I was no longer interested in fighting, arguing, or showing myself as a black woman in a bad light. I wanted to be apart of something fun, inspiring while feeling good and proud of myself and the work I was doing. In the past I’ve allowed Other people to control my destiny or even the content that you all see.. I hated it‼️‼️😩😩' Tamar began.

She continued and told her fans: 'I’ve realized that some Just want to keep you in a box and sometimes we let them because you don’t know no any better or you feel stuck. Eventually that box becomes too small and uncomfortable. The ones that want to keep you hidden and down don’t care if you are suffering or suffocating. They only want to bring you out if that box for their benefit. Well saints, this is my testimony‼️‼️ I made it‼️ I did it‼️'

Tamar concluded by saying: 'if you only knew what it took to be apart of this small breath of air you would understand why #tcabvh1 was so important to me. Thank you all for riding with me through it all and remember a box is only the size of your mind. Break out. Break free no matter WHAT it looks like🙏🏼✨tune into #tocatchabeautician tonight on @Vh1 9 pm.'

A fan said: '@tamarbraxton Sister, it comes on at 9?... ok I’ll move my show to 10 pm,'

Someone else gushed over Tamar and said: 'This’s inspirational! we love you dear, more grease to your elbows!' while another commenter posted this message: 'I stopped watching the Real when you left. You made the show.'

Another fan said: 'So excited for you. It’s been so long since things have been going the way you deserve!!!' and someone else posted this: 'Say that Tamar! Glad you broke free! So happy for you! Break the chains!!! And don’t shrink yourself for anyone. Be bold!'

In other news, Tamar gushed over her sister, the famous singer Toni Braxton who dropped her clothes  for the camera and posed in black lingerie, leaving fans in awe.

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