Tamar Braxton Compares Her New Boo To 'Jesus Walking Out Of The Water' While Fans Body Shame Vincent Herbert; She Defends Her Ex - Here's The Video

Tamar Braxton Compares Her New Boo To 'Jesus Walking Out Of The Water' While Fans Body Shame Vincent Herbert; She Defends Her Ex - Here's The Video
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Tamar Braxton has been living her best days for a while. She is together with her new boyfriend on vacay, and she has been keeping her fans and followers updated.

Tamar has been sharing lots of pics and videos from their vacation, and the latest video shows her boyfriend getting out of the water, while she's lying in the sun.

We can hear Tamar comparing her new man with Jesus as she asks: 'Is that Jesus walking out of the water?'

'? Said i wasn’t gone tell nobody but I....?????‍♀️' Tamar captioned her video.

Someone posted 'Vince shouldn’t have messed her career around the way he did. She wanted a new manager, and Vince couldn’t handle that. To sabotage your wife’s career is disloyal. How could she ever trust Vince again? A smart women to file for divorce and move on. Tamar wasn’t Vince property to do with as he pleased. He decided he made her and he was gonna break her. That decision cost him the marriage. Hooray for Tamar???'

Another follower wrote 'He better be able to keep up with you’re lifestyle a hot body comes a dimes a dozen haha.'

One commenter made a joke and said 'I had to call my lil boo cuz I thought that was him? I almost had to make a trip lol enjoy @tamarbraxton you deserve it????????'

Someone criticized Tamar for what she said and posted 'the fact that she called another man Jesus period is just wrong.'

Someone made a comment involving her ex, Vincent Herbert and Tamar hopped in the comments section as well to defend the man.

The Shade Room was quick enough to see the conversation and post it on their social media account.

'That's one hell of a transformation I don't care what nobody say.....I had to keep reading comments to know that it really was Vince! He looks amazing' someone commented, suggesting that the man is Vincent.

Someone else posted 'I mean he lost hella weight after he had that health scare. Shouldn’t that count for something??? I can’t stand body shamers ?'

Tamar has recently unveiled her new thigh tattoo while she was on this vacay, trying to lay low with her new man. She seems happy andprobably that's all that matters.

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  • Cyneathia
    Cyneathia Nov 7, 2018 9:55 AM PST

    Sister! I'm excited for your Happiness and we know that you Love the Lord! However, you should "Thank the Lord" for allowing this man to bring you such Happiness . . . and NEVER put this man or anyone else on the same level as the Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ . . . whether in Excitement, Entertainment, or a Joke! I bless the Lord for His forgiveness Upon Confession (Not Apology) . . . 1John 1:9. Tamar, continue to be Happy, Enjoy your life, but remember if we LOVE anyone/anything Greater than the Lord, He WILL remove it because He is a jealous God! For JESUS is the KING of (and above the little/worldly) Kings and LORD of (and above the little/worldly) Lord's. Always sent in Love, Your Sister in Jesus the Annointed One ...

  • Donna Williams
    Donna Williams Nov 7, 2018 7:45 AM PST

    I think her comment on her boy toy and Jesus is blasphemy he is no way near like Jesus walking or not. I used to like her but all of her Antics and foolish comments is getting on my nerves she needs to grow up and act like her age her head is too big she needs to bring it down a little.

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