Tamar Braxton Caught In Shouting Match With Lolo Jones -- Video Gets Vincent Herbert's Wife Dragged -- There Is More To The Story

Tamar Braxton Caught In Shouting Match With Lolo Jones -- Video Gets Vincent Herbert's Wife Dragged -- There Is More To The Story
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Poor Tamar Braxton, she is getting dragged by almost everyone on the Internet after getting into a shouting match with Lolo Jones while locked up at the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Many believed that Lolo slapped Tamar and she was kicked out of the house which is why she is getting bashed for her behavior.

One person said: "I'm so glad somebody popped her smart mouth. You talked all that crap about her, but your prayer is for all of you to get close? Bye, girl. Shady shady shady but you claim you love to support other women. We hear you talking, but we just don’t believe you."

Another commenter bashed Tamar: "I don’t like Kandi but Tamar you are wrong. Like seriously GET HELP. You went on and on about Monica and Toya because you have a guilty conscience. You started an imaginary beef with them, so anytime their name is mention you act foolishly. I don’t think reality tv is your calling. Write a song or a book. These shows are making you look crazy out here. I thought you boycotted we TV because they made you start drama and drove your sisterhood apart. This show is no different smh GET HELP."

This fan of the show claimed: "Heard Lolo slapped her visor off her face and got kicked out the house. 😳 Is this true?!?! It's what you call UNSTABLE. I declare she is such an embarrassment on and off Big Brother. I declare she has 4real issues. She has to get ahold of herself. Tama falls out with so many different women and ALWAYS plays the victim."

A fourth follower stated: "You have deep psychological issues that you need to address. I guess you’ll get help when you finally see it and are ready. If Everyone is continually having the same problem with you."

However, the truth is that after the nasty exchange, Tamar walked out of the room and went on to start packing her bags to go home and said she will not fight people.

Lolo apologized and said: "I don't want you to leave. I want to be your friend, but I definitely handled that wrong. I'm sorry."

The ladies hugged and made peace.

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  • LT
    LT Jan 28, 2019 2:58 PM PST

    Tamar - you should have listened to someone - at this juncture - ANYONE! Vince, WHEW - consider yourself blessed. I remember all the times you warned her about her mouth.

  • Not a fan
    Not a fan Jan 28, 2019 12:14 PM PST

    Omg Tamar is suppose and claiming to be a Christian but the stuff that comes out of her mouth and the way she acts is not Christ like. She had some real issues and needs to seek medical help because most of the time she acts and seems possessed. People are so right she gets into with everyone and then cry victim or play the victim game. Someone needs to slap the mess out of her and knock some sense in her. I truly do not like her for she is truly a drama queen. Get a grip and quit acting so foolish and stupid. Please seek medical help.

  • Donna
    Donna Jan 28, 2019 10:05 AM PST

    I AGREE100% with all that has been said about Tamar! The Girl is WHACK, CRA CRA & has some serious character flaws!!! And how can she claim to be so holier than though & do all that cursing & swearing not to mention how promiscuous she is on Instagram!!! Iylanla was SPOT ON!!!! The girl needs to free herself of Reality TV! That guy has no clue what he’s getting himself into if he even thinks about marrying that emotionally unstable woman!

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