Tamar Braxton Cannot Stop Flaunting Her Curves Via Social Media Videos -- Some Fans Say Vincent Herbert Should Intervene

Tamar Braxton Cannot Stop Flaunting Her Curves Via Social  Media Videos -- Some Fans Say Vincent Herbert Should Intervene
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Vincent Herbert, come and get your wife. Tamar Braxton took to social media, and she posted a scandalous video where she is wearing sexy lingerie and flaunting her new tattoo.

In the clip, Tamar is sporting barely-there lace lingerie that revealed lots of cleavage and toned body.

Many fans said it is time for Tamar's family and friends to intervene because she is going too far in order to get the media's attention.

Fans say she is showing off too much skin and she looks like she is about to have a meltdown again.

One fan told Tamar to seek help and added: "Tamar is self-destructing right in front of all of everyone's ? her family, friends & fans is not realizing it...The girl really need HELP. As far as her new book, "WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING, WATCHING HER SELF-DESTRUCT??" GIRL?? GET A GRIP??"

Another commenter stated: "Tamar, you need to get yourself together mentally. What happens to your new Nigerian man? I thought he was your BOO. Tamar is in the need for medical evaluation. Which Tamar is in denial. Tamar is depress and crying out for attention. However, she is going about things the wrong way."

A third follower explained: "I love Tamar too, and there are moments where I disagree with what she says or also do too but at the end of the day she's not perfect, she's gonna make mistakes just like the rest of us and that's what makes her HUMAN."

This fourth supporter shared: "I totally 100 % agree with you and to be honest I'm really starting to think the ones who are being so jelly has the problem and needs to get some help. I understand that sometimes Tamar can be a bit much and over the top when there's drama but even when Tamar is not even in no drama, and she's just posting nothing but positive vibes and fun, they ALWAYS try to find SOMETHING negative to say about this woman and people needs to get a damn grip. Not EVERYTHING Tamar does is bad 24/7 and these people are making it seem like it is especially when it's just her having fun and nothing but positive vibes, so the REAL QUESTION IS: Who really needs the "help", Tamar or the people who are being jelly and acting like she's the bad guy all day every day 24/7?"

Do you think Vince needs to help Tamar?

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