Tamar Braxton Brings Khia To Xscape Show To Bash Pregnant Toya Wright -- Kandi Burruss Shut It All Down

Tamar Braxton Brings Khia To Xscape Show To Bash Pregnant Toya Wright -- Kandi Burruss Shut It All Down
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Boss Kandi Burruss shuts down Tamar Braxton and hubby Vincent Herbert because she has no time for silly and petty jokes.

Tamar had the horrible idea to bring out Ts Madison and Khia from The Queens Court during the Xscape concert in Atlanta, where Tiny Harris and T.I. were present and did nothing.

According to Ts Madison, she and Khia were invited by Tamar and her husband, Vince, to be part of a performance.

It is easy to predict that Khia would have taken the mic and bash Tamar's nemesis, Toya Wright.

Toya has an ongoing feud with Tamar despite the fact that Tiny is close to both of them.

Not too long ago, Khia slammed Toya for being pregnant before getting married.

Khia also had some nasty words for Lil Wayne and his daughter, Reginae Carter.

When Kandi learned what was about to happen during the Great Xscape Tour she called security who escorted Khia and Madison out of the building.

She spilled some hot tea by writing: "Well it was about to be an EPIC NIGHT being apart of my girl @tamarbraxton show tonite!! But seems like #TheQueensCourt gets under them other heauxs skin. FUCK THEM OTHER HOES!!! #tamarbraxton you are an AMAZING TALENTED BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING!! And you gone SOAR ON YOUR OWN!!! I loooooove you down!"

She added: "The Queens Court was a guest at Kmart show tonight the Xscape [email protected] told security we had weapons and an attempt to get us kicked out. Then we got dressed and waited to go on with Tamar.I am assuming the Xscape girls wanted us gone. And we didn't leave so they continue to press down on Tamar so she could not do the performance with us. So Vince asked us if we wanted to stay and watch the show and we said no we were not here for them hoes, we were here for Tamar, and we left in our limousine that was taken care of by Vince and Tamar so the homosexual."

Fans called Kandi a hero and a boss lady and gave Tamar the title of petty and mean because she is fully aware that Toya is over seven months pregnant and that kind of stress is not good for her.

One of them said: "Def tired of black women reading, insulting, and roasting each other for fun and profit. Out here in public breeding negativity and division. Love Madison, but I’ve not watched this court wit Khia for that very reason."

Another shared: "Khia is a pretty lady. Vince is Xscape’s manager...he couldn’t work it out?!? Something ain’t right....I don’t trust NONE of them, Maddie. Lol.if Tamar can take the jokes and still be cool with yall after Khia called Logan ugly which he's not!!! The rest of the ladies could've been mature too. Probably BC of paper back Toya."

A third commenter stated: "Question it shady/wrong for her to have taken picture after ALL they said about Toya & reginae? She tryna be friends, so she don't gets roasted orrrrrrrr OHHHHK THEY ROASTED SUM1 SHE CANT STAND, never mind..."

Is it time for Tamar to chill a bit?


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  • Geraldine Johnson
    Geraldine Johnson Jan 1, 2018 7:15 PM PST

    Tamar is getting a little to bigheaded. It seems all she does is start trouble. Now people can see how she got fired from the real. Look at her actions

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