Tamar Braxton Asks For Former President Barack Obama's Help

Tamar Braxton Asks For Former President Barack Obama's Help
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Tamar Braxton is asking for the help of the former US President Barack Obama amidst the massive tragedies that are taking place in the US. Check out the message that she shared on her social media account.

One of Tamar's fans said: 'Obama should address the nation since we don’t have a President.'

Someone else had this message to share: 'We went through 8 deaths with Obama. Wtf is he gonna do...' and another follower posted this: 'He signed the blue alert law Obama was not for us.'

A commenter said: 'He ain’t really do much for me as a black person living in America. Imma just say that,' and another fan posted this: 'he really left us in the ghetto😩 I’m still waiting on the Simpsons predicament tho.'

Another follower wrote: 'Nah, I wanna believe things would have been different if he were in office, but unfortunately..... they wouldn’t be.'

Someone else said: 'Chile I’m outside with my light on, hand on my hip, and the other on my BROW! Michelle too!' and another follower posted this: '

Another follower said: 'Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, & Philando Castile all took place under his administration. I don’t think he is the savior we need. We need the Lord. Not Obama . As black people, we give him too much credit.'

Tamar and her BF, David Adefeso have a new series on YouTube called ‘Quarantined and Coupled’ and the latest edition was dedicated to the recent tragedy that involved George Floyd.

'‘With this week’s unveiling of the graphic video of the hate crime killing of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia and the gruesome death of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis, Tamar and I decided to have a special edition of Couples & Quarantine. With special guests, we explore the origins of white supremacy and uniformed assassinations of unarmed black men in America today,' David was writing in his post.

Fans appreciated their gesture.

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