Tamar Braxton And K. Michelle Beef Reignited: K Michelle Calls Tamar 'Miserable' After Braxton Says Her Plastic Surgery Was 'Cheap'

Tamar Braxton And K. Michelle Beef Reignited: K Michelle Calls Tamar 'Miserable' After Braxton Says Her Plastic Surgery Was 'Cheap'
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It's been less than three years since K Michelle and Tamar Braxton settled their beef and performed on stage with Miss Patti Labelle. Now that friendship is in shambles again all because of Tamar's "Steve Harvey Show" appearance.

If you haven't been keeping up with the "Love and Hip Hop" alums life, she's been getting her butt implants removed. Most recently, the singer completely broke down due to the fact that something went wrong while she was getting the procedure done -- causing her excruciating pain and drainage problems.

The implants were installed illegally, by someone that K. Michelle says many people in Hollywood went to for the same technique, and has been detrimental to her health for well over a year now.


The "Can't Raise A Man" detailed her experience on both "The Real" and "The Steve Harvey Show."

Tamar Braxton, who is tight with Steve Harvey, visited the talk program where the subject became about plastic surgery.

When asked about the situation, Tamar responded: "I just think that you do have to do your research but you can be thinking you gon go have plastic surgery on a Groupon. And if it's on sale, nine times out of ten you not supposed to get it from the person that's having a sale."


To be fair, some viewers felt as though she was responding about cheap plastic surgery in general and not directly K. Michelle's situation.

However, the reality star caught wind of the comments and let her have it.

Last night, Michelle tweeted: "You so called paid all that money and your nose is still doing the Gangsta lean."

The following morning she continued: "I woke up this morning excited about seeing my family. Yesterday it was just shocking to me how a person can continue to take shots at a person after years for no reason even when Their very own life is in shambles. I then realize the head and heart are just miserable."

This comes after the two allegedly settled their beef years ago when Tamar shaded K Michelle's story of being physically abused by an ex.

Do you think these two will ever end their drama? Who do you think is in the wrong?


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