Tamar Braxton And Her BF David Adefeso Upload A New 'Coupled And Quarantined' Video

Tamar Braxton And Her BF David Adefeso Upload A New 'Coupled And Quarantined' Video
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Tamar Braxton made her fans happy when she announced that she and David Adefeso have a new video uploaded on her YouTube channel. Check out her post below.

'Go to Tamar Braxton you tube now💕Look at my edges tho order your OMG you grow girl‼️ link in bio,' Tamar captioned her post on IG.

Someone said: 'Tamar can we please have a new CD... I've been playing the hell out of Coming Home. I need some new ballads.'

A commenter wrote: 'The lil stick and the whole face is it your sooooo beat to death and make sure y’all Stream Crazy Kind Of Love pls let’s get our mama to #1 aand get y’all you grow girl.'

Here's the video that Tamar posted:

You know K Michelle.. should be the last to talk about ANYBODY! I'd tell her to keep getting them auto zone ass & brake jobs!! 😂😂 I love your spirit and your talent..❤❤

A fan on YouTube said: '"Multiplying Your Money" with David. That could be a name for his show. Or.."Multiply Your Money" with David. Or...."Making Your Money Work For You" with David.'

Someone else posted this: 'Love Tamar but I think if you worried about what other people think about your relationship(s) you’ve already lost the battle.'

A commenter wrote: 'It's good and it's a blessing sent a more smile again and be happy and I think that she and David make a beautiful couple I say to them both blessings and continue the good work as long as you're happy that's all that matters at the end of the day no one pays your bills but you and David and the good Lord above so be happy and enjoy one another and I'm glad to see that Taytay has moved on and is doing what it takes to survive and stay up okay girl you keep going and David you keep going as well blessings to the both of you and you have our prayers peace.'

Tamar has a new show about hair and all kinds of disasters that are getting fixed.

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