Tamar Braxton And David Adefeso's Latest Video Was Filmed In The Back Of A Car -- Will It Lead To Baby Number 2?

Tamar Braxton And David Adefeso's Latest Video Was Filmed In The Back Of A Car -- Will It Lead To Baby Number 2?
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Tamar Braxton is living her best life with her boyfriend, David Adefeso, and they are ready for baby number 2 by the looks of things.

The couple took to social media and they shared a sizzling video where they are passionately kissing in the back of a car. Via the caption, David announced that the makeout session led to some amazing lovemaking.

The businessman said: "Saturday night date night with @tamarbraxton❤️❤️. We haven’t even gotten to the restaurant yet🤣🤣! Wait till u see what happens when we get home💥💥🔥🔥💥💥❤️. Wait, sorry can’t post that part.🤭🤭"

An embarrassed Tamar responded by: "Wait...u posted this for REAL??? I’m so embarrassed. What are u going to tell my mother? Nothing happened Ma. I came home and prayed. 🙄"

One critic said it was too much: "Waiiitttt. Take that down. Too much for TV!!! 🤦🏽‍♀️Maybe good idea to take Oprah's advice she gave Beyonce and keep ur relationship private it last longer. Girl, I was scared for you guys. I was like aw.. they in love than I thought oh my whose driving they're going to crash the car."


This fan said Tamar should get it: "Driver can you close the partition please-in my Beyonce's voice. They are grown and can do as they please. Alright Tamar, take it to the bedroom and leave it off social media if we don't like it we can choose to keep it moving. Good luck on your relationship!"

Another Instagram user backed Tamar's raunchy clip: "Awww....so sweet so glad you and Tamar found happiness. Keep these fools out your business and be happy. Baby # 2 😜😜😜😜 I pray for marriage and unions for both of u amen. You were never this affectionate with Vince! This must be the real deal! Nothing but love and blessings for you Sis! Tamar was getting her life at the end tho...yaasss Tay Tay I ain't mad at cha gurl @tamarbraxton 😂😂😂❤️."

This fourth supporter told the diva: "You know what I'm glad she's getting what she deserves loving in private and public 🙌💕💕 my girl @tamarbraxton deserves this sis and EVERYTHING else that's coming with it 🌈. In her past relationship, she was always the one expressing and showing she loved. I love the fact that within this one they both showing, professing and doing it equally 👏👏👏@tamarbraxton deserves a love like @david.adefeso 🔥🔥."

Tamar is enjoying life with her beau as the divorce from Vince Herbert drags on.

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