Tamar Braxton And David Adefeso's Recent YouTube Video Featuring Dr. Jackie Walters Received Praise From Fans

Tamar Braxton And David Adefeso's Recent YouTube Video Featuring Dr. Jackie Walters Received Praise From Fans
Credit: BET

Tamar Braxton and David Adefeso made their fans happy when they recently announced people that they have a brand new series on YouTube. It's called 'Quarantine and Coupled' and the latest episode featured Dr. Jackie Walters.

You can check out the YouTube channel below. Fans simply adored it and said that they received really useful info.

A follower told Tamar that 'This live was funny and hilarious the names you kept coming up with took me out you coming with these great live chat these past few weeks now you go Tay Tay keep up the good work.'

Someone else praised Tamar and David's video and said: 'This was an AMAZING conversation tonight.. so FUNNY.. those stories 🤣, so informative.. thank you Dr.Jackie 🙏.. and YOU so entertaining! 🤗 I thoroughly enjoyed it, and on a serious note.. I honestly appreciate you being so vulnerably transparent, and opening up about your trauma once again. I know there’s many women who go through not being able to reach orgasmic pleasure because of PTSD psychological trauma. It’s something that needs to be discussed more, and I wish it was as easy for most, but I know it’s not. Hopefully this can open the floor for people to feel more comfortable with sharing their stories ❤️Oh! And shoutout to all the essential workers (Dr.Jackie) and all these other doctors, nurses, pharmacists, retail workers, etc. who are risking their health to make sure others are in good health. We appreciate you!!!!'

Another follower posted this: 'I really enjoyed myself tonight with you guys CTFU 😂 can't wait until next Thursday night. Love you Tamar 💕'

A fan was also in awe and said: 'Loved every minute! Thank you for these live streams! Really entertaining!'

Another person on YouTube was also really excited and wrote this message: 'I loved this session & of course we get to see our favorite couple 💑 Tamar & David💕 my notifications are on and I cannot wait for the next one!! Thank u Tamar & David 👑 Shout out to Dr. Jackie!'

Tons of fans showered Tamar and David with love for what they're streaming.


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