Talib Kweli Denies Harassing And Bullying Women On His Social Media Account

Talib Kweli Denies Harassing And Bullying Women On His Social Media Account
Credit: Source: TheCurrent.org

Talib Kweli has come under fire for supposedly harassing black women online, but Kweli claims he did no such thing. In fact, the performing artist has claimed that he was merely defending himself against Maya Moody's lies.

As it was previously reported, Talib Kweli was banned from Twitter after he allegedly participated in a weeks-long harassment campaign against Maya Moody. However, Talib says he has never cyberbullied a person in his life.

Talib and Maya began talking on Twitter this past month, with the latter asking why black rappers always chose to date lighter-skinned black women. Talib responded by asking how it was any of her business.

Apparently, the issue with Talib is that his fans were the ones to harass Maya on the platform. Later, he reportedly went on his Instagram Live to talk about Maya's allegations, saying that she was out of line to talk about other people's relationships.

Talib says he was merely defending his relationship with his wife, responding with the same amount of force that she was throwing at him. Talib claims Maya has been talking about him every day on the platform ever since they first argued on Twitter.

But he says he did speak with her for around two to three weeks. Kweli went on to make reference to the allegation that he sexually assaulted a Philadelphia singer named Res, an old case in which he was exonerated. Kweli says he has never done such a thing in his entire life.

According to Talib, the judge dismissed the charges against him because he was innocent. More importantly, the rapper argued, is that the allegations she made about him were not only completely untrue but also totally heinous.

He accused him of offenses that "black men used to get hung from f*cking trees for." Kweli went on to say that the idea he is a racist or a colorist was not true at all, quite the contrary. He has used his art form and platform for years to uplift the black community and the culture, the rapper explained.

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