Taina Gifts G Herbo With An Amazing Car And Watch For His Birthday - See The Clips

Taina Gifts G Herbo With An Amazing Car And Watch For His Birthday - See The Clips
Credit: Urban Islandz

Taina celebrated her man's birthday with a bunch of amazing gifts. Check out the clips that The Shade Room posted with G Herbo celebrating.

Someone said: 'Feels like his birthday was just a few months ago when she gifted him a chain with his grandma’s face on it.'

Another commenter posted this: '“No, Maybach?” Now y’all know Taina don’t get that type of bag cause she wasn’t at no club or thottin around for money. Unlike y’all fav. We gotta be honest that she got the bag and could afford it just cause of that.'

Someone else said: 'Dam he just had a birthday yesterday when she gave him a necklace with his mom’s picture 🥴'

A commenter said: 'Y’all always trying to compare their relationship to his baby mom's relationship. Like for what?'

A follower said: 'if anything yall could look at last year’s gift that was more meaningful, and compare it to the what yall fav gave her man last year.. oh wait, she had another man.'

Check out another video in which he's getting his car:

Someone else posted this message: 'For those who saying it’s not a Maybach. Stop go outside look at what you driving and living. Look at your mate look what they driving. Ppl who can truly afford a may back not in the comments hating.'

A follower said: 'only ppl who don't know cars dont know how much that jeep trackhawk cost 😂' and one other commenter posted this: 'All these broke single people judging before they brushed their teeth. Good morning tho.'

A follower posted this message: 'What’s wrong with the Jeep? Half of y’all don’t even got Fully loaded Jeep money.'

Anyway, despite the haters, these two are definitely having the time of their lives together and real fans are here for it.

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