Taika Waititi Has Confirmed Dwayne The Rock Johnson Joke At The End Of Thor: Love And Thunder

Taika Waititi Has Confirmed Dwayne The Rock Johnson Joke At The End Of Thor: Love And Thunder
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Thor: Love and Thunder brought all the hilarity and ridiculousness that a film directed by the mad genius Taika Waititi is expected to bring. While receiving mixed reviews overall, one thing is for sure, the film definitely had its audiences rolling with laughter. The film had a ton of different running gags, including Thor's current Axe being jealous of his previous hammer, the screaming goats bringing hilarity to even the most serious scenes, and Jane Foster, AKA, the mighty Thor struggling to find her catchphrase.

One joke in particular that stood out to audiences was about Korg, in the final scenes of the movie. Earlier in the movie, Korg tells Valkyrie that when Kronans (Korg's Race) have to make a baby, they hold hands over hot lava for a month and after that, a baby boy is born.

Later in the movie, when Korg is narrating the future of everyone after the events of the movie, he reveals that he met a man named Dwayne and together the two made a baby. Since Korg's race is made entirely of rocks, people found it hilarious that Korg's boyfriend is named Dwayne and many assumed that the name was selected on purpose to reference Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

While at first, it was just speculation, Taika Waititi has confirmed on Twitter, that the gag does refer to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

A Twitter user posted a picture of Korg's boyfriend Dwayne photoshopped into the iconic pose of The Rock standing in his turtle neck with his fanny pack and captioned the tweet:

" The fact that Korg's boyfriend was called Dwayne #ThorLoveAndThunder #DwayneJohnson"

Taika replied to the tweet saying, "No Coincidence, baby."

And it is official!

Many fans are now wondering if Dwayne Johnson would be up to sign on to play the voice of Korg's boyfriend in the next Thor adventure, making the joke all the more hilarious.


While Dwayne is currently working on the DC side of comics, it is more than likely that he could sign for a quick cameo in the next Thor movie or whatever Marvel project that Korg might show up in.


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