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Tyler Perry Donates 1,000 Gift Cards For Community Outreach Project With The Atlanta Police Department

Tyler Perry has been doing all he can to help his adopted hometown of […]

Posted on Jul 18, 2020 4:32 AM PDT

Tyler Perry Will Pay Tuition For Rayshard Brooks' 4 Children

The New York Post said today that Tyler Perry, the Madea creator, will cover […]

Posted on Jun 16, 2020 4:12 PM PDT

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Hire Tyler Perry's Security Team After Calling Cops On Drones

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have lived in Tyler Perry’s Beverly Hills $18 million […]

Posted on May 30, 2020 8:17 PM PDT

Oprah Winfrey Has Been Advising Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Since They Stepped Down As Senior Royals

It was revealed earlier this week that when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved […]

Posted on May 8, 2020 5:49 PM PDT

Tyler Perry Has A Unique Plan To Re-Open His Studio Complex In Atlanta

On Friday, Georgia Governor Brian Klemp officially allowed some of the state’s businesses to […]

Posted on Apr 25, 2020 4:44 PM PDT

Tyler Perry Surprises Elderly Shoppers In 73 Different Stores By Paying For All Of Their Groceries

Tyler Perry continues to spread the love during the COVID-19 pandemic. Just days after […]

Posted on Apr 8, 2020 12:27 PM PDT

Tyler Perry Leaves A $21K Tip For Workers At His Favorite Restaurant During Take-Out Run In Atlanta

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tyler Perry created the #HesGotTheWholeWorldChallenge and recruited […]

Posted on Apr 6, 2020 8:46 AM PDT

Tyler Perry Addreses Critics Who Judge Him For Dressing As A Woman: 'It's A Costume'

From Big Momma's House to Juwanna Mann, men dressing as women isn't that uncommon […]

Posted on Mar 21, 2020 8:17 PM PDT

Tyler Perry And Family Confirm Their Nephew Died From Suicide

In late February, it was reported by multiple outlets that Tyler Perry's nephew, Gavin […]

Posted on Mar 1, 2020 8:12 PM PST

Tyler Perry Hired New Forensic Expert To Look Into Prison Death Of His Nephew Gavin Porter

Following the news that Tyler Perry's nephew committed suicide in jail, the acclaimed filmmaker […]

Posted on Feb 28, 2020 2:09 PM PST