Michael Jackson’s Kids - Who are Their Biological Parents?

Michael Jackson’s kids need to be strong and prepare mentally for the ultimate truth […]

Posted on Jan 2, 2017 10:46 AM PST

Late Carrie Fisher Sued for the Death of Amy Breliant

Carrie Fisher cannot even rest in peace because now her estate might be put […]

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Valerie Fairman’s Parents Blame MTV for Their Daughter’s Death

It’s only been about a week since Valerie Fairman has passed away following a […]

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Overweight Jack Nicholson Spotted Drinking in Public

Actor Jack Nicholson was recently spotted Christmas shopping at Barneys and he did not […]

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Stepmother says Kanye was a model child and “the person on stage is just a persona”

Although it is hard to believe - knowing the present Kanye West, the child […]

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Liam, heavily congratulated on Twitter

Currently Liam Payne seems to be trending on Twitter, and the reason is that […]

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Is Cheryl really pregnant or are these just rumors?

On Sunday, Cheryl tried to hang out low key when she stepped out. Most […]

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