Mister Rogers Advised Officer Clemons To Stay In The Closet If He Wanted To Be Part Of 'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood'

Kids who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s remember Francois Clemmons as a […]

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Tom Hanks Reveals That A Mister Rogers Fan Threatened Him Into Doing His Best Job Possible On The Character

Tom Hanks had a bizarre experience during the preparation process for his role as […]

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Tom Hanks Reveals The Most Important Thing He Learned From Playing Mr. Rogers In A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Playing the role of a real person is never easy, and playing the role […]

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Tom Hanks Reveals He Originally Didn't Want To Be Mister Rogers - But The Director Convinced Him

According to a report from UPI.com, Tom Hanks revealed on the Today show this […]

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Tom Hanks Reveals A Mister Rogers Life Lesson Keeps His Marriage To Rita Wilson Strong

Tom Hanks portrays the legendary Mister Rogers in the upcoming film, A Beautiful Day […]

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