Is Liam Neeson Lost And Alone Without Natasha Richardson?

They say for some people, true love only comes once and there may be […]

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Liam Neeson Offers New Apology For Racially-Motivated Revenge Story After Realizing He “Missed The Point”

Liam Nesson is offering a new apology after he realized he completely missed the […]

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Michelle Rodriguez Apologizes For Defending Liam Neeson - I Was 'Insensitive'

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Michelle Rodriguez Comes To Liam Neeson's Defense - Says He Kissed Viola Davis So How Could He Be Racist?

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Liam Neeson Insists He's Not Racist Following His Comments On Old Racist Thoughts

According to a report from, Liam Neeson acknowledged his poor choice of words […]

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Nick Cannon Wants To Fight Liam Neeson In A Celebrity Boxing Match Amid The Actor's Racist Controversy

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Liam Neeson Claims He Harboured Racist Thoughts For Years Against Black People After His Family Member Was Raped

Liam Neeson has been quite candid in interviews recently. This past summer, Liam sat […]

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