Kevin Spacey's Legal Troubles Are Over After Criminal Sexual Assault Case Dropped By Massachusetts DA

According to a report from The Wrap, Kevin Spacey's criminal sexual assault case in […]

Posted on Jul 17, 2019 6:45 PM PDT

Kevin Spacey Under The Spotlight For Sexual Assault Allegations Back In May

According to a report from The Wrap, Kevin Spacey was interrogated by the United […]

Posted on Jul 6, 2019 7:04 PM PDT

Kevin Spacey's Civil Suit Suddenly Dropped

According to a report from PageSix, Kevin Spacey's busboy sexual harassment lawsuit was dropped […]

Posted on Jul 5, 2019 8:14 PM PDT

Kevin Spacey Unexpectedly Shows Up To Massachusetts Court Amid Sexual Assault Hearing

According to a report from PageSix, Kevin Spacey made an appearence in a Massachusetts […]

Posted on Jun 3, 2019 8:04 PM PDT

Following Kevin Spacey Allegations Anthony Rapp Hopes His Decision Was Better For The Culture

Mr. Anthony Rapp is happy he did what he did. The star recently admitted […]

Posted on Jan 18, 2019 7:15 PM PST

Kevin Spacey Isn't Going Down Without A Fight - He'll Plead Not Guilty In Nantucket Court

According to, Kevin Spacey will plead not guilty in a Nantucket court on […]

Posted on Jan 6, 2019 4:49 PM PST

Kevin Spacey Ordered To Appear At Arraignment By The Overseeing Judge

A decision was made yesterday in Massachusetts that Mr. Kevin Spacey, accused of sexual […]

Posted on Jan 1, 2019 8:52 PM PST

Kevin Spacey And His Lawyers Are Allegedly Trying To Dodge Upcoming Arraignment

Following Kevin Spacey's YouTube video online in which he acted as House Of Cards' […]

Posted on Dec 29, 2018 6:02 PM PST

Kevin Spacey Officially Charged With Felony Sexual Assault - Releases Bizarre Frank Underwood Video

On the same day that Kevin Spacey was charged with felony sexual assault in […]

Posted on Dec 25, 2018 5:17 PM PST