Keke Palmer Is Starting The Neon Trend Again In A Highlighter Green Head-To-Toe Outfit And Fans Love The Look

Keke Palmer is known since her Disney channel and Nickelodeon acting days. She's one […]

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Keke Palmer Says She Was 'Misunderstood' As A Child Actress - Here's Why!

Keke Palmer is definitely a pretty big name in the industry now but the […]

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Keke Palmer Gets Backlash For Food Stamps Tweet And Claps Back!

The actress previously suggested that EBT cards should only be used to purchase ‘healthy […]

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Keke Palmer Looks To Tyler Perry For Inspiration - She Responds To The Backlash

Keke Palmer is a big fan of Tyler Perry, even though many of her […]

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Keke Palmer Says Tory Lanez's Recent Behavior Is 'Toxic'

Tory Lanez dropped a surprise album this week, Daystar, and since then, many of […]

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Keke Palmer Pays Tribute To Chadwick Boseman At The MTV VMAs

The actress joined the list of celebrities honoring Chadwick Boseman after his shocking death […]

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KeKe Palmer Has An Uplifting Message For The Community In The Wake Of Recent Killings

KeKe Palmer is trying to support the community with this uplifting message that she […]

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Keke Palmer Says She 'Expected' Her Talk Show To Get Axed - Here's Why!

Keke Palmer admitted that she was not surprised her talk show was cancelled. The […]

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Keke Palmer Addresses This Wild Rumor About Her Career

Keke Palmer is not playing around, and she has decided to speak up after […]

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Keke Palmer Reassures Fans That Strahan, Sarah, And Keke Was Not Cancelled Because Of Her Activism

Strahan, Sarah, and Keke fans were gutted when it was revealed that the show […]

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