Will Jordan Peele Direct The Reboot Of Marvel's Blade Franchise?

According to a report from, just a couple of days after Mahershala Ali […]

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Lorena Bobbitt Says John Wayne Bobbitt Sends Her Love Notes As New Jordan Peele Series Comes To Amazon — Watch Shocking Video

True crime series are in right now, judging from Netflix's hit Conversations with a […]

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Jordan Peele Comes To The Defense Of Kanye West - It's 'Magnetic' How He's 'Trying To Tell His Truth'

It sounds like Kanye West has a supporter amid his many controversial actions and […]

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Will Spike Lee Make History And Become The First Black Director To Win An Oscar?

In 2019, you might be surprised to think there has never been a black […]

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Jordan Peele Releases The Creepy First Trailer For The Film 'Us' After The Massive Success Of 'Get Out!'

Take a break from your magical, calm and relaxing Christmas to get some chills […]

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