Joe Budden

Lupe Fiasco Explains To Joe Budden Why He Thinks Logic Is A Better Rapper Than Kendrick Lamar

If there's one thing for certain, it's that Joe Budden doesn't like Logic. Joe […]

Posted on Aug 4, 2020 4:47 PM PDT

Joe Budden Says Logic Is 'Reverse Bullying' Him Following The Rapper's Comments About Suicide

Logic and Joe Budden aren't exactly friends. In recent news, the rapper, Logic, came […]

Posted on Aug 2, 2020 3:12 PM PDT

Logic Says Joe Budden's Words Make People 'Want To Kill Themselves'

In July, Logic, the rapper, announced he was going to drop his final project, […]

Posted on Aug 1, 2020 3:19 PM PDT

Gillie Da Kid Threatens To Release Video Footage Of Raekwon's Friends Beating Up Joe Budden

According to Gillie Da Kid, he has footage of Raekwon's crew laying a beating […]

Posted on Jul 25, 2020 6:15 PM PDT

Ebro In The Morning Defends Logic - Says His Detractors Are 'Corny'

The rapper, Logic, has a lot of haters in the music industry, however, he […]

Posted on Jul 22, 2020 6:36 PM PDT

Joe Budden Recalls The Time Kanye West Wanted To Open For Him At A Concert

According to Joe Budden, there was a time a long time ago when Kanye […]

Posted on Jun 25, 2020 5:12 PM PDT

Joe Budden Comments On New Leaked Verse From Eminem

Everyone in the hip-hop world knows that Joe Budden and Eminem have had a […]

Posted on Jun 24, 2020 5:14 PM PDT

Joe Budden Attacked Online By Bad Girls Club Alum Natalie Nunn

Joe Budden was recently targeted by the Bad Girls Club alum, Natalie Nann, Hot […]

Posted on May 9, 2020 3:11 PM PDT

Joe Budden Says He Understands Why Kevin Hart Cheated On His Wife

Joe Budden and Cyn Santana have broken up. Although they've since found a way […]

Posted on Jan 12, 2020 1:07 PM PST

Cyn Santana Says She Has No Regrets Over Breaking Up With Joe Budden For These Reasons

While some fans of Cyn Santana questioned her decision to break up with Joe […]

Posted on Oct 17, 2019 6:07 AM PDT