James Gunn commented on his future with Marvel and DC

Online, fans have been wondering what's next for the Guardians of the Galaxy director […]

Posted on Apr 23, 2022 1:06 AM

James Gunn Says That Getting Booted Off Guardians Film Helped Him Make Progress As A Person

According to a report from Page Six, James Gunn recently revealed that his Guardians […]

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Here's What Chris Pratt Had To Say About The James Gunn Firing And Rehiring

According to a report from Fox News, Chris Pratt, one of the leading stars […]

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Zoe Saldana Claims Disney Did The Right Thing By Rehiring James Gunn For Next "Guardians" Movie

Zoe Saldana, one of the leading protagonists in James Gunn's Guardians Of The Galaxy, […]

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Disney Brings James Gunn Back On Board Of Guardians Of The Galaxy Following His Firing

Mr. James Gunn will sit in the director's chair on board on the Guardians […]

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