Selena Gomez’s Worried Family Prepares an Intervention

It looks like, not too long after being released from rehab, Selena Gomez is […]

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Recently Out of Rehab Selena Gomez Caught Drinking

Selena Gomez is out of the Tennessee rehab facility that she checked herself in […]

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Overweight Jack Nicholson Spotted Drinking in Public

Actor Jack Nicholson was recently spotted Christmas shopping at Barneys and he did not […]

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Mike Shay’s Friends Worry About His Drinking Amid Divorce From Scheana

Mike Shay’s friends worry about him and his drinking problem after wife Scheana left […]

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Ugly feud explodes between James Corden and Jimmy Fallon

James Corden has been getting very popular as a comedian lately and is much […]

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Brad Pitt’s divorce has left him friendless and drowning his sorrow in alcohol

Brad Pitt is now alone as well as lonely because he has lost all […]

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Jimmy Fallon’s drinking problem is affecting both his professional and family life

The rumors about Jimmy Fallon having a drinking problem have been floating around for […]

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